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Graham Tope's Site: A wonderful site of life, love and the pursuit of tackiness. Come in and feel the luxury - or just pop a marshmallow in your underpants and relax with a cup of coffee. The choice is yours...  - Graham Tope GJT - Come in and feel the luxury - search engine stuff - Badgers Smoke Cigarettes My Cat Likes to Watch Chickens Have Feathers I Pay a Visit to the Zoo Giant Ants Live in my Pants  plymouth mr t in your pocket kim in your pocket framed advancers animation video I Can See a Gerbil Dance I Had a Rat Kissing Chickens Simon the Python Camels Lemming Pete I Knew a Snake I Like Goats  I Knew an Ant Rabbits and Ferrets Racoon Tales Cows and Badgers William Vole Fortune Smiled on Frank the Hamster  Dogs and Mutts Famous Herds of Buffalo Here's the Woodworm Killer Kittens Nancy Beaver Kittens Some Stories Come... 
    There Lived a Snail I've Never Met a Terrier Have You Ever (Aardvark) Have You Ever (Coypu) Monkeys, Gibbons, Apes   Alligators! Alligators! A Long Ago and Far Away Polar Bears I Met Monkeys Angela Mutanda At Longest Last Far And Away   I Like Girls I Like My Parts I Met a Girl I'd Like a Beard Kevin Left His Home Lions Ate My Grandfather Little Jimmy Fingers   There Once Were Nuns Way Out West When I Was Nine When Nancy Was Five I Knew a Man When I'm Good Jeremiah Fudge Cobblers Are Strange Roderick Wee Dram Beasties when I Was Born Bob and Dot Price Abigail Rinnd Daniel Dax In Early Days of Medicine   Naughty Little Nellie Simon Race Strawberry Dan When I Was Ten William Dace  Donna Kebab For a Month and a Day Little Mary    Reet Petite Pete I Grabbed Seven Monkeys Sultan Bob Terrible Dan When I Put Honey On My Arm Cecil Semen Dark in a Field   Call the Cops Over The Urals When I Was Seven Nigel Hamstead Barry Burton Keith McGreeth I Have Many Monkeys Daphne Peters   Badgers Like it Rather Rough God Got it Wrong Hermaphrodite or Aphrodite I Met Nigel As I Was Out Badgers Are Irish    Cats Rub Against You Emily the Elephant Jump Jump Jump Santa Stamping Little Michael Supernatural Barn Owls There Once was a Man Uncle Stanley Auntie Sandra Little Nancy Daphne Panda Slander Friends Untied Uncle Derek For Spiders... If I Was a Cat talking poems speak speaking narrate narrated poem rhyme   Stephen the Heathen Once Upon a Hill JCBs are Nocturnal Monsters Live Beneath my Bed The Clock Strikes One rich kim jonathan moore louise moore harrigan natalie sam tom thomas parker isaac jude toby hill jenny hill toby taylor sarah carter ben hill ursula graham john tope thomas parker margaret ann michael john bridget ann tope susanne louise tope parker a little bit easy layer country ways cry baby funky martini latin gits electro impro gray foo dead meets the morning riff n roll rock combo mellow rhythm minor changes nightfall rock n hell rock riff passing time saturday tune rocky trial road slide on slim pickens spanish salsa sunday song tubular gray 60s pow wow 70s film noir new orleans rock mlk chant m.l.k. chant guano monkeys jakatta south park watermelon star wars oz poison song oz blues people i know g j tope 2007 gj gjt
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